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Nestled along the scenic route to Ourika in Marrakech, this sprawling villa is an epitome of luxury and tranquility. With six meticulously designed bedrooms, it offers an expansive and sophisticated retreat set against the backdrop of the picturesque Ourika Valley.

Approaching the villa, the journey is marked by captivating landscapes, and upon arrival, an imposing entrance with traditional Moroccan arches welcomes guests. The exterior of the villa showcases a blend of contemporary architecture and authentic Moroccan design, with terracotta walls and ornate tilework creating a visually stunning facade.

Inside, the spacious living areas are a celebration of opulence and comfort. The grand salon features sumptuous furnishings, complemented by traditional Moroccan rugs and intricately carved wooden details. Panoramic windows provide breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and lush greenery, seamlessly integrating the interior with the natural beauty outside.

The villa’s six bedrooms are individually styled retreats, each with its own unique character. Luxurious linens, elegant furnishings, and private balconies or terraces enhance the sense of exclusivity, offering guests a serene and private space to unwind.

The kitchen is a culinary haven, equipped with modern appliances and a generous dining area. Whether prepared by a private chef or by guests themselves, meals can be enjoyed indoors or al fresco, with outdoor dining spaces overlooking the manicured gardens.

The outdoor spaces are a highlight of this villa. Expansive terraces, surrounded by vibrant gardens, lead to a sparkling swimming pool where guests can relax while enjoying the breathtaking views of the Ourika Valley. Secluded lounging areas provide intimate spaces for contemplation or socializing.

The location along the route to Ourika ensures easy access to the valley’s attractions, from its traditional Berber villages to the cascading waterfalls. This villa offers a perfect blend of luxury, natural beauty, and cultural richness, making it an ideal haven for those seeking an unforgettable experience in Marrakech.


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